Hospital’s huge bill for management shake-up

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Huge bills are being racked up to pay for experts to turn around a financial crisis facing the NHS trust running Rotherham Hospitals.

Details of spending uncovered at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust include a deal which has earned a firm of executives tens of thousands in expenses – on top of fees worth £70,000 a month.

Another executive has been recruited from the United States at a cost of £25,000 a month plus expenses to rescue a failing multi-million-pound IT system.

The turmoil has led to the appointment of another executive on £600 a day to organise job cuts who also does not need to provide evidence for expenses of up to £300 a week.

Taxpayers have already forked out nearly £700,000 for experts from finance giant PwC called in last year to examine the trust which was left with an underlying deficit of £14m at the end of March and now faces making three-year savings of £40m.

The trust is being led by American interim chief executive Michael Morgan, part of a team from turnaround experts Bolt Partners.

Bolt has received an estimated £380,000 in fees since January for its work in Rotherham including around £30,000 in expenses, with VAT taking the total bill to the NHS trust to nearly £460,000.

Bolt staff charged £800 for cabs in just one month including one journey that cost £36.

Concerns have been voiced by Rotherham MP Sarah Champion and Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey.

Chris Edwards, chief officer for NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, said it had agreed to support the Rotherham NHS trust with up to £10m in the next two years to demolish unused buildings and restructure its workforce.