Hospital plea to patients

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A CITY hospital needs volunteers with a chronic lung condition to help with an exclusive research project.

The Hallamshire needs patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to help develop a new way to take pictures of lungs using a technique only available in Sheffield.

The method - hyperpolarised helium magnetic resonance imaging - is very safe because it does not use radiation, unlike X-rays.

Volunteers will go to hospital for a normal check-up but on two occasions will have scans taken and breathing tests done.

The tests involve patients being given a specially prepared version of helium to breathe in, which then shows up clearly on scans allowing researchers chance to gather detailed images of where the gas goes within the lung.

Images can also be processed to show the sizes of the airspaces in the lungs as well as if the air gets to similar places in the lung as blood.

n Call 0114 271 2699 to take part in the research.