Hospital funding boost to provide better care for injured veterans

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A SHEFFIELD centre has been awarded a share of £11 million from the Government to improve prosthetic and rehabilitation services for ex-servicemen and women.

Dr Dan Poulter, health minister, has announced the Northern General Hospital’s mobility and specialised rehabilitation centre in Fir Vale will share £11 million over the next two years.

It is designed to ensure veterans can access the same level of prosthetic and rehabilitation care to that available to enlisted servicemen and women from the Armed Forces.

The Sheffield centre is among nine NHS facilities to receive the cash.

Dr Poulter said: “Ex-servicemen and women who have been injured in the line of duty deserve the best possible care from the NHS.

“This is why we are making more funding available to improve veterans’ prosthetic limb services – and 
£22 million in total to 2015 to support veterans’ health.

“We want to ensure our veterans have access to the best.

“In time, these centres will achieve the same high standards of care offered by Armed
Forces rehabilitation centres”

The announcement is in response to recommendations by MP Dr Andrew Murrison in a report about prosthetics provision for military amputees.

Dr Murrison recommended a small number of multi-disciplinary centres should provide specialist prosthetic and rehabilitation services.