Hospital boost for eye-op patients

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A WOMAN’S sight has been saved after a pioneering operation carried out by a surgical team at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Julia Clarke was referred to the hospital’s Eye Department with rapidly deteriorating eyesight due to a thyroid-related condition.

In spite of intensive treatment with medicine, the eyeball swelled up within its bony cavity - leading to almost complete blindness. Doctors feared any further delay could have led to a permanent loss of sight.

Consultant eye Surgeon, Omar Hadid, who has a special interest in this field, led a team including consultant surgeon Ullas Raghavan, and carried out what was the first operation of its sort ever carried out in Doncaster. The procedure is known as orbital decompression for thyroid disease.

After an anxious 24 hours, the operated eye recovered completely with normal vision.

Julia was well enough to read and see normally. And at her follow-up appointment this month, her eye is back to normal and she will not need a similar operation on her other eye.

She said: “I am 110 per cent delighted with the treatment I’ve had. I can’t fault it – and I’m thrilled to be the first patient in this pioneering operation.”

In the past, patients would have had to travel from Doncaster to Nottingham or Sheffield for the operation.

The Intake-based hospital is now looking at performing the same sort of operations again in future in the borough.

Shahed Quraishi, the DRI’s clinical director for head and neck and ophthalmology, said he was pleased with his colleagues’ achievements.

He said: “This was our first operation of this kind and I’m delighted at the way things have gone. The lead surgeon has only been with us a few weeks.

“We had to borrow some essential equipment from Sheffield and we’re very grateful to colleagues there. But it shows that, with the right skills and equipment, we can do this sort of surgery on patients’ doorsteps.”