Heart charity’s ten minute health boost

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The British Heart Foundation is urging people in Sheffield to take at least 10 minutes a day to help cut their risk of heart attack and stroke during Heart Month.

The charity says around 61,900 people in Sheffield are living with cardiovascular disease which includes heart attack and stroke.

But, in many cases people can reduce their risk of these conditions by improving their diet, doing more physical activity and quitting smoking.

Statistics, show just 22 per cent of adults in Yorkshire and Humber are eating five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.

Andthey reveal 33 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women are not doing the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week.
In a survey conducted by the charity, 44 per cent of people said they were worried about the effect their diet and exercise had on their health while a quarter said their family or work commitments got in the way of them exercising.

Sixteen per cent said loss of motivation was the biggest barrier preventing them from leading a healthier lifestyle.

And 22 per cent said they set themselves goals to improve their health but usually failed.

Catherine Kelly, director of prevention, survival and support at the BHF, said: “The public have told us loud and clear that time and motivation are fundamental barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

“We have to listen to their concerns and during this Heart Month we are offering people manageable and realistic guidance to help make small changes to their extremely busy routines.”

The BHF is encouraging people in Sheffield to ‘start small’ by taking at least 10 minutes daily to make a small change towards a healthier lifestyle during February’s Heart Month.