Food test reveals South Yorkshire mum’s allergy to milk and yeast

Luane Hutchinson from rgoland who has been diagnosed with food allergies
Luane Hutchinson from rgoland who has been diagnosed with food allergies
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A MUM of two misdiagnosed as having a bowel condition for years has finally got to the root of her illness – after a simple food allergy test.

Luane Hutchinson suffered decades of painful migraines, stomach cramps, skin irritation, mouth ulcers and general discomfort because unknown to her she was allergic to milk and yeast.

The 40-year-old, of Trinity Meadows, Thurgoland, near Barnsley, had been to see her doctor dozens of times since childhood.

She said: “I was told again and again it was irritable bowel syndrome and I had almost resigned myself to thinking that, but, deep down, I had a niggling feeling it was something else.”

Luane was repeatedly treated for IBS and told to relax and eat ‘little and often’ – but then her doctor suggested the possibility of a food allergy.

She said: “A couple of years ago, I’d got talking to a few friends who’d had a food allergy test.

“At the time, I thought nothing of it, but later I decided to follow it up.”

The Yorktest costs £250 and can be done at home.
The test is sent off to a lab which sends out the results.

And it revealed Luane was allergic to milk and yeast.

She said: “It affected my moods and it’s quite wearing feeling ill all the time.

“I’d have a sandwich and feel like I’d run a marathon.”

Luane, a freelance editor, set about adjusting her diet and had two consultations with a dietician, included with the test, to help her.

She said: “After having troubles all my life without knowing why, my energy levels are now up and all of the previous symptoms have gone.

“There are pros and cons – I like to cook, but suddenly I found I was very restricted in what I could eat.

“I’m lucky as I could afford to pay for the tests and they aren’t offered on the NHS.

“But I think it was worth every penny.”

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