Family’s gastric op success

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A FAMILY from Sheffield have shed 44 stone between them after each undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Craig and Denise Watson, along with their daughters Rebecca and Rachael, all underwent the procedure on the NHS within six months of each other.

Denise, aged 45, had to put on a stone-and-a-half to qualify for the operation under the authority’s criteria, while Craig was eligible because of his additional health complaints including high blood pressure and arthritis.

The family, from Parson Cross, had all tried - and failed - to lose weight by joining a gym and working with health professionals, before they sought advice from their GP.

Now, after undergoing the operations to permanently shrink their stomachs at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital a year ago, they are tucking into a tiny plate of food each mealtime. Denise has lost eight stones and Craig dropped nine stones, while Rebecca, 24, and Rachael, 21, have each gone from a size 32 to 14 - losing a total of 26 stones between them.

Denise, married to Craig for the past 26 years and now a size 16, said: “We’ve gone from having a full plate of food through to eating our meals from a small side plate.

“I feel disgust when I look at the old pictures of how we looked.”

Mr Roger Ackroyd, consultant bariatric surgeon in Sheffield, said surgery was a last resort.

“It is not an easy solution to weight loss and patients are only considered after all other efforts have been exhausted and where there are significant health issues,” he said.