Family joy as man returns from holiday from hell

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A South Yorkshire man who fell seriously ill on holiday in Thailand has been flown back home – after friends and relatives raised the tens of thousands of pounds needed to pay for his medical bills and flights.

Craig Lindley, aged 35, of Hoyle Mill, Barnsley, developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome – a rare condition of the peripheral nervous system – during a visit to the country to attend a wedding.

The illness left him paralysed while medics tried to establish what was wrong with him.

Friends and family launched a Facebook appeal for help in paying for his medical costs, including a £3,000-a-day bill during his time in intensive care, after it emerged that an online transaction he thought he had made for a travel insurance policy did not go through.

Craig, who dismantles planes in Germany and is known for his work as an amateur boxing coach and work in boys’ clubs, arrived back in Britain yesterday.

His father Frank Lindley, 66, also of Hoyle Mill, said he is due to visit his local GP today to discuss his illness.

He has been left with weak ankles and wrists but is expected to make a full recovery after physiotherapy.

Frank said: “It is such a relief to have him home, it is a huge weight off our minds.

“We are hopeful that after a couple of months worth of physiotherapy he should be fit enough to go back to work.

“Enough money was raised to pay for all his medical costs and flights to get him home and now we are in the process of trying to repay people who loaned us the money just to get him back.”

Craig was accompanied home from Thailand by his brother Karl, who moved to Australia four years ago.

“With Karl coming back too it was a double homecoming as we had not seen him for four years,” said Frank.

“And with what happened with his brother he has decided to move back permanently.”