Experts issue warning about washing chicken

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Parents in Sheffield have a big influence on their children’s food hygiene habits, according to a survey by the Food Standards Agency.

The results show a link between how people in the city prepare their food and the behaviours they experienced themselves as children. Over two thirds of adults in Sheffield said their parents insisted on washing hands before meals, with 60 per cent now doing the same themselves.

But almost half saw their parents washing raw chicken before cooking it when they were kids - with 51 per cent revealing they have done the same in recent months. And it is this bad food hygiene habit that is the subject of this year’s Food Safety Week.

Washing raw chicken can in fact spread campylobacter, a dangerous form of food poisoning, through droplets of water splashing onto worktops and being wiped up on dishcloths.

Bob Martin from the FSA said: “I would urge people in Sheffield to make sure raw chicken is covered and stored at the bottom of the fridge to avoid juices dripping onto other food, don’t spread germs by washing raw chicken or using the same chopping board for raw and cooked foods, and wash your hands after handling raw chicken.”