Dronfield gym trainers plan to take pilates out into the town centre

Nicola Gleadall struts her stuff inside Woodlands' Dronfield gym
Nicola Gleadall struts her stuff inside Woodlands' Dronfield gym
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Fitness trainers are taking their skills out of the gym and into the middle of their town.

Nicola Gleadall and Rebecca Hargreaves, from Dronfield’s Woodlands Fitness Centre, will hold a free pilates session in the garden of the home of one of their clients.

Nicola Gleadall

Nicola Gleadall

The event takes place on Sunday June 7, (10am) at The Old Rectory, Church Street, near the Green Dragon.

Nicola said: “We’re working with a growing number of clients with dysfunctional movement patterns and ineffective core stability.

“These issues can be caused by poor posture or injury and result in stabilisation muscles ‘switching off.’

“So we set up new group rehabilitation classes for people of all ages and fitness levels to get people moving more freely, reducing stiffness and improving core muscles.

“We had a tremendous response so we decided to reach out to the Dronfield community and get them taking part in our special ‘I Move Freely Pilates’ event.”

* Information: 01246 240040, email: info@woodlandsfitnesscentre.co.uk, Facebook or Twitter @WoodlandsFC1