Doncaster war hero Ben Parkinson starts pioneering treatment to boost speech and memory

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This is the moment Doncaster war hero Ben Parkinson started the pioneering treatment he hopes will help him talk and boost his memory.

Ben is now in a hospital in Edinburgh receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, which involves two hours a day in a diving chamber is filled with high pressure oxygen.

He is one of the first servicemen in the country to receive the treatment, which is hoped to help his speech.

Ben, of Bessacarr, said: “Now is the exciting time. I have had five sessions and nerves start to regrow after five to 10 sessions.

“I am doing loads of physio and brain training and I am playing old fashioned games like Connect Four, Perfection, Battleships.

“The idea is to work on our concentration and planning skills.

“I am even playing chess with a marine, so something must be working.”

Ben, aged 30, has been described as the British Army’s most injured survivor of the Afghanistan conflict, after suffering injuries including the loss of both legs and brain damage which affected his speech and memory.