Doctors warn of Black Friday impact on city’s health services

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Doctors in Sheffield are warning revellers not to over indulge on Black Friday - traditionally the busiest day for emergency health services.

The Accident and Emergency department at the Northern General Hospital, in Fir Vale, and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service are already much busier than usual for the time of year.

And doctors fear that people over indulging on the last Friday before Christmas will put them under more pressure when efforts need to be focused on life threatening and emergency situations.

The A&E department has seen more than 300 more patients this week compared with the same time last year and there has been a significant increase of 999 calls.

Doctor David Throssell, medical director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said: “This weekend will be a particular challenge for us because it is the ‘other Black Friday’ when people traditionally go out to celebrate Christmas and over indulge.

“We understand that many people enjoy a drink over the festive period but we want to encourage them to drink in moderation, rather than drinking to get drunk and as a consequence increasing the risk of causing injury to themselves or others.”

Kirsten Major, director of strategy and operations, said: “Our staff are doing an amazing job in coping with the increase in demand for emergency care. But it is important that our staff concentrate all their efforts on treating the sickest patients and so we are asking the public to support us to do this over the busy winter months by thinking twice about whether they really need to come to A&E.”

The Walk in Centre, at Broad Lane, in the city centre will stay open all night tonight, rather than closing at 10pm as usual.