Doctor harassed female colleagues

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A DOCTOR found to have made passes at three female colleagues has failed to clear his name.

Dr Chukwugozie Ujam, aged 37, was found by a disciplinary panel of the General Medical Council to have inappropriately chatted up fellow doctors and a young nurse while working at Chesterfield Royal Hospital in 2008.

Dr Ujam claimed the comments he made to female medics were only ‘minor transgressions’ and did not amount to misconduct.

But judge Mr Justice Eady kicked out an appeal against the GMC’s findings, ruling Dr Ujam’s actions were ‘not only inappropriate but also sexually motivated’.

The judge told London’s High Court the married doctor asked female colleagues about their relationships, sent suggestive texts to one woman doctor and invited a young nurse out for the evening.

In a series of text messages described by one female doctor as ‘creepy’, Dr Ujam wrote: “Nights make me very horny for some reason! C ya later! x.”

Another doctor, who Dr Ujam repeatedly asked about her body language, said in evidence: “It is not normal to stand at the end of the bed when someone is having a seizure and keep persisting. He did not look at the patient, he continued talking to me.”

A teenage nurse also claimed Dr Ujam ‘winked and smirked’ at her during the delivery of a baby.

Dr Ujam did not significantly challenge the facts but claimed the panel should not have found what he did constituted misconduct.

But Mr Justice Eady ruled: “It must be disconcerting to be harassed by a predatory male in the workplace generally but it is, I imagine, especially concerning to someone who finds herself on night duty and effectively alone with such a colleague.”

He added: “It is not surprising the panel should have commented on his ‘limited insight’.”

The judge will decide at a later date whether the doctor’s actions meant his fitness to practice was ‘impaired’ and justified the GMC’s six-month suspension imposed by, which is still hanging over him.