‘Deplorable’ dentist struck off after groping nurse and making rape remarks

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A ‘deplorable’ South Yorkshire dentist has been kicked out of the profession for repeatedly groping and making sexually explicit comments to a female colleague.

Fadi Sukaria, who is originally from Syria, has been struck off by the General Dental Council.

Sukaria made the advances towards the nurse while they were working for Primecare Oral Health Services in Barnsley.

He asked the woman, referred to as Nurse A, if she had ever been raped before stroking her breasts, groping her bottom and biting her arm. Sukaria also said he had a ‘magic tongue’ that could cure an intimate medical complaint the nurse had.

Saba Naqshbandia, for the GDC, said on November 28, 2012, Sukaria had been ‘laughing’ as he touched Nurse A’s bottom and breasts, despite her telling him not to. Sukaria did the same thing an hour later, leaving the complainant ‘very upset and shocked’.

He also showed another dental nurse pictures on his phone of him in bed with another woman and pictures of a woman’s bottom.

Sukaria, of Eastgate, Leeds, denied all the allegations but the GDC panel found all of the facts proved against him.

GDC panel chair Mary Harley said: “As a dentist working directly with these dental nurses, you were in a position of authority - you abused that position for your own sexual gratification. Your conduct would be considered deplorable by members of the dental profession and indeed by members of the public.”