Dad with terminal brain tumour pens his autobiography for children Alfie and Alisha

Karl Martin with Alfie and Alisha
Karl Martin with Alfie and Alisha
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A DAD with a terminal brain tumour is writing his life story so his two young children can learn about him when he’s gone.

Karl Martin is devoting all his energy to the project after realising 17-month-old Alfie and five-year-old Alisha would not understand his plight.

The 31-year-old from Shafton, Barnsley, hopes to complete the book before his condition gets worse and while he’s still fit enough to work at his computer.

Specialists told Karl and wife Lauren, 24, last spring that his life expectancy might only amount to two years.

Karl said: “I can’t talk to Alfie and Alisha, they’re just too young to take it all - so the book is going to be there for them when they’re old enough to understand.

“I’m writing about everything – growing up, at school, family holidays, starting work, falling in love with Lauren, then finding out about the tumour, and going through all the treatment at hospital.

“I’m not going to leave anything out. I want Alfie and Alisha to know everything about their dad – all the daft things I did as a kid and what made me laugh and what made me cry - so there’ll be no questions left unanswered when I’ve gone.”

Project manager Karl was rushed to Barnsley Hospital following an epileptic seizure in 2006. He said: “I’d been healthy all my life till I collapsed at home.”

Karl underwent radiotherapy but turned down surgery after being told it might give him only an extra year and leave him partly paralysed and blind.

He said: “I couldn’t see any point with so many risks attached. I’ve got to finish the book and spend lots of time with Lauren and the kids. Those are the things that really matter now.”

Karl has already spoken to publishers about a striking a deal once the book is finished.

Karl’s mum Jill, 50, said: “I never thought I’d see Karl writing a book, but it’s a great idea.”