Dad waxes lyrical for unit which saved his son’s life

David and Lynn Nottingham with baby David, who was born premature
David and Lynn Nottingham with baby David, who was born premature
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HE was the tiny baby who was just the size of his dad’s hand.

But little David Nottingham defied the odds despite being more than 10 weeks early to become a bouncing seven-month-old baby.

And grateful mum and dad David and Tegan, from Balby, are working to raise hundreds of pounds for the hospital unit which saved his life.

Yet David senior says he and Tegan were terrified when their little boy was first born with a knot in his umbilical cord which had threatened his life before he was born.

The couple had been concerned for their unborn baby, as they had previously had to go through the upset of having a stillborn daughter.

Tegan was taken into hospital when she was 28 weeks pregnant with David because of concerns over the blood flow he was receiving.

Doctors at Doncaster Royal Infirmary were concerned enough to keep Tegan in for observation, wiring her up to monitors.

She had been in hospital for a week, and allowed only two hours at home each day when medics were put on alert after their monitors set off an alert over the baby’s heart beat, which could not be detected.

Tegan was rushed in to surgery for a Caesarean section birth on January 12.

David senior said: “Everything seemed to be going pear shaped, and it was a really scary time.

“He was 10 weeks early and two weeks behind in development. It turned out he had tied a knot in his chord in his womb when he was turning around.

“Tegan had been in hospital for a week after first being given tests, and it is lucky she was. One of the doctors had said that day he had a feeling she shouldn’t take her two hours at home that day - thank goodness she didn’t.”

Baby David was born at 2lbs 6oz.

His dad added: “When I saw David I was scared to death, he was so small. He was in the neo-natal unit for seven or eight weeks, and the care was brilliant.

“Now David is 12lbs 14oz - after all that happened we have a happy ending.”

David is now going to have full body wax in a bid to get the cash rolling in. His efforts are being supported by the Balby West Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, of which he is a member.

Tegan said: “David thought he may do a skydive but discovered he was too heavy so he decided to go for the full body wax instead – he’s a brave man. He’s so hairy – it will hurt!”

David, who works for Metro Clean, has already collected more than £100 and family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours have pledged a further £300.

He will undergo the waxing also at The Maureen Edgar Centre, Sandycroft Crescent, on August 21 and will be supported by Tegan and their two children Alexis, aged seven and Harrison, five.

n Email Tegan on to sponsor David.