Cyclist back in the saddle

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A keen cyclist is back on his bike - after undergoing treatment for a dangerous trapped artery from a top Sheffield physiotherapist.

Steve Fisher, aged 34, from Dronfield, developed constant headaches, dizziness and depression following a trip to the chiropractor for a stiff neck.

The mystery symptoms left him unable to enjoy his favourite activities such as cycling, scuba diving and playing with his sons, Declan, seven, and Piers, five.

But Steve was later introduced to Michael Lee, from MiTo Therapy in Millhouses, who told him the chiropractor’s treatment had caused a trapped artery at the top of his spine.

Michael got to work freeing the muscles in Steve’s neck - and now the dad is cycling again, even completing a 189-mile ride for charity.

“I became quite short-tempered because of the dizziness and headaches, and because I felt like there was no cure,” said Steve.

“I went to my GP and, despite telling him what had happened, he thought it was down to high blood pressure or a lack of exercise, and started prescribing me all sorts of pills. Nobody seemed to care.”

He said his symptoms vanished after three months and that he felt like he had ‘got his life back’.

“I owe Michael a lot,” Steve added.

Michael said: “Physiotherapy is all about building a patient’s confidence and strength, so that they can go back to doing the things they love.”