Coroner speaks out over Hillsborough inquest concerns

Lord Justice Goldring.
Lord Justice Goldring.
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The coroner has spoken out ahead of next month’s fresh Hillsborough inquests to warn members of the public not to prejudice the proceedings by making inappropriate comments on social media.

Lord Justice Goldring was speaking ahead of the hearing in Warrington which is due to start on March 31.
The evidence will be heard by a jury which will be tasked with returning a verdict.

The jurors must make their decision on the evidence presented in court only.

The coroner, Lord Justice Goldring, who was specially-appointed to conduct the hearing, voiced his concerns in a warning published on the Hillsborough Inquest website.

He said: “The inquests are shortly to begin.

“The case will be heard by a jury.

“They must decide it solely on the evidence they hear in court.

“It is of fundamental importance that the proceedings are reported accurately and in a balanced way.

“Nothing- whether by way of comment or otherwise - should be published - including by way of online commentary or social networking sites - which could run the risk of prejudicing the outcome of the proceedings.”

The coroner has the power to refer any prejudicial material published to the Attorney General if he believes it amounts to contempt of court adn the write could face a jail term if convicted.