Compensation for disabled teenager

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A DISABLED teenager from Sheffield has won a seven-figure compensation package from the NHS.

Rebecca Paige Hayes, aged 16, suffered renal failure as a baby, had to have a kidney transplant and suffered subsequent hypertension and a burst blood vessel in the brain.

By the time she was four, the youngster had suffered catastrophic and permanent brain injury, which will leave her dependent on 24-hour care for the rest of her life.

Through her lawyers, she sued Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, claiming it was negligent in its treatment of her hypertension in January 2000.

Although negligence was not admitted, Rebecca and her family, of Lowedges Crescent, Lowedges have now received an undisclosed lump sum from the NHS to settle the High Court claim.

NHS barrister Stephen Miller QC said the settlement, which will be paid in one lump sum to fund her care needs, was a ‘good’ compromise for both sides, as either might have lost if a trial had gone ahead.

The payout grants Rebecca 71 per cent of the damages she would have won if she had been successful in a trial.