Cleaner’s ‘petty’ suspension

Sheffield's Royall Hallamshire Hospital
Sheffield's Royall Hallamshire Hospital
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A Sheffield hospital worker has been suspended – accused of ‘stealing’ NHS paper to make photocopies.

The domestic ward assistant, who works at the Hallamshire Hospital, is being investigated by bosses after she made copies of a story which appeared in The Star.

The article concerned a group of lowly-paid staff members who were opposing moves to pay their wages monthly rather than weekly.

One colleague of the worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she thought the woman’s treatment was ‘very heavy-handed’.

“I feel sorry for her,” she said.

“She has been suspended for something that was in the paper in the first place. I believe she printed the copies off at home, but they are trying to accuse her of using their paper and printer.”

The colleague added the ward assistant was also caught on CCTV pinning a copy of the story on to a wall beside a lift in the Hallamshire.

“It had fallen on to the floor from the lift area, and she stuck it back up again,” she said.

“Now she’s been suspended on full pay. They’re treating her like muck.”

A hospital porter, who also did not want to be named, said: “When they suspend people for little reasons like this it just means fewer staff have to do more work.”

Kevin O’Regan, hotel services director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “A concern has been raised and therefore we have a duty to investigate the allegations which have been made in accordance with trust policy and procedures.

“Until we know the facts relating to the allegations it is inappropriate and unfair to the member of staff to comment further.”

In July The Star reported just over 100 staff – mainly porters and cleaners – at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals face being dismissed and re-hired on new contracts unless they accept a change to monthly wages.

The trust said support would be offered to staff.