City eye expert’s US trip

Gil Vasey, store director at Specsavers at Crystal Peaks
Gil Vasey, store director at Specsavers at Crystal Peaks
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A LEADING optometrist has been to America to discuss his research into a common eye condition affecting Sheffield patients – with professors from around the world.

Gil Vasey, store director at Specsavers Opticians at Crystal Peaks, has been at the Association for Research in Vision Opthalmology conference in Florida.

The aim was to try to bring a better worldwide understanding of a condition called dry eye.

The disorder, which affects one in three people, gives a burning, gritty sensation to the eyes due to a shortage of tears, or the tears evaporating too quickly.

Testing and treatment can vary from practice to practice throughout the world and Gil wants to bring more consistency to testing and diagnosis to easily compare findings and drive forward standards for patients.

Gil, who has a masters degrees in both cataract and refractive surgery and optometry, carried out research with patients at the Crystal Peaks opticians to discover a trio of diagnostic tests that best define the condition.

He has also begun to work with new biomarkers for the condition and had a paper published in the Investigations in Ophthalmology and Vision Science journal.

He said: “I was thrilled to be able to present my research to some of the world’s leading academics and clinicians and to gain insights from them.

“It’s a prestigious event to be able to attend and I learned a lot while I was there.

“This has only been possible due to the willingness of our patients in Sheffield to volunteer for this work.

“People were very supportive and interested in my findings and posed interesting questions to try and progress my research further.”