Bug closes South Yorkshire hospital beds

Sheffields Northern General Hospital
Sheffields Northern General Hospital
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hospital beds and wards across the region have closed after outbreaks of a winter vomiting bug.

In Sheffield the highly contagious norovirus has shut seven beds for deep cleaning at the Northern General Hospital in Fir Vale.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital has two wards closed, with 15 patients plus seven staff members affected.

Barnsley Hospital chiefs confirmed it had seen a ‘slight increase’ in cases of diarrhoea, many brought in from outside, but no wards had closed and the hospital was ‘coping well’.

Sheffield Children’s, Weston Park, the Jessop Wing and Rotherham hospitals were not affected yesterday.

But health chiefs at all urged visitors to stay away if they have had symptoms of norovirus - such as vomiting, diarrhoea and flu – in the last 48 hours.

Judith Gilchrist, consultant in the emergency department at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It’s very important we see your child if they require emergency treatment, however we do ask visitors please not to come to the hospital to visit children if you have symptoms.

“If your child is ill enough to require a visit to emergency then they should be brought as usual.”

Visitors were also reminded to use alcohol hand gel in hospitals to prevent infection spreading.

Those with norovirus symptoms are urged not to attend A&E.

If they still feel ill after 48 hours, deteriorate or have an underlying health condition they should call their GP or NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.