Boy born 14 weeks early returns to unit that saved him

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A BOY who was born weighing just 480 grams and almost fitted in the palm of his dad’s hand has returned to the hospital which saved his life to say ‘thank you’.

Kai Brown was given survival odds as tiny as he was when he arrived prematurely at 26 weeks - tipping the scales at less than half the expected weight for a child born at that stage in the pregnancy.

He now weighs in as the smallest survivor ever to be born at Jessop Wing maternity hospital.

Medics there performed a planned Caesarean section for mum Cat because a severe development disorder meant Kai was unlikely to grow any further in the womb.

Now a happy and healthy five-year-old, Kai returned to meet the staff who supported and cared for him in the first days of his life.

Cat, from Monk Bretton, Barnsley, said: “We have made sure to keep in touch with staff at the hospital and let them know how Kai is doing. Our visit was just a nice way of showing the staff how valued they are.”

After three months in intensive care in Sheffield, Kai was well enough to be transferred to Barnsley General Hospital for continuing care, before being allowed home.

Cat said she and husband Jason would always be thankful for the care Kai and the family received during the first few months of his life.

“Everyone who looked after us at the Jessop Wing was so kind and caring,” she said. “Knowing we had that level of support was crucial to me and my husband. Obviously it was a really frightening time for us but they really put us at ease.”

Jason added: “We like to visit the unit and let the staff know how grateful we are to them for all the help they gave to us. They don’t always get the credit they deserve for the fantastic job they do.”

Consultant Vincent Kirkbride said it was great to see Kai again.

“He is such a star!” he said.

“It was a huge challenge to do even simple things like taking blood or inserting drips because of his size. Although he was very sick at times, it is a credit to all the staff and especially his parents that he has done so well.”