Boxer thanks hospital for saving his son’s life

Grateful: Boxer Tyson Fury has thanked the Children's Hospital for saving his son.
Grateful: Boxer Tyson Fury has thanked the Children's Hospital for saving his son.
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BOXING star Tyson Fury has paid tribute to staff at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, after they saved the life of his tiny baby son.

The British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion watched his seven-week-old son Prince come desperately close to dying, after he was rushed to the specialist hospital with a breathing problem.

Prince stopped breathing three times as his tiny body fought for life in an incubator – but doctors resuscitated him and the little tot pulled through.

Fury, aged 23, said: “The staff in Sheffield were brilliant. How can you thank them enough when they’ve saved your son’s life?

“The doctors gave us 60-40 on whether he was going to pull through and live or die.

“He was in intensive care for two weeks, his heart rate kept going right down low and it wasn’t looking very good.

“My wife Paris was running around and screaming and crying. I was trying to calm her down and say what will be will be, but we prayed to God and he answered our prayers.”

Prince was first admitted to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, but taken to Sheffield Children’s Hospital when his condition deteriorated.

The Manchester-based 17-stone boxer did not leave his son’s side for over a week.

He said: “Like so many other parents in the same position, I slept there, I ate there, I prayed there. Staying at the hospital heaps enormous strain on you. I had that much stress that I would not have cared if the world fell in.

“The only thing that mattered was Prince. All I could see was him getting worse and his heart rate getting lower and lower.

“In desperation I was thinking about bringing in some American doctors. Then we turned the corner. The doctor kept assuring us and said, ‘Give him another couple of days’. Miraculously, he pulled through.”