Health discrimination

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The new privately-run but NHS-funded GP walk-in health centre on Broad Lane in the city centre recently refused to register me as a new patient because I did not have a current passport or driving licence.

They also have no contingency plan for those without these forms of ID.

This is not a government rule, it is an arbitrary local one. They also refused to issue me with the prescription they have been giving me for 18 months, saying Sheffield PCT rules prohibit them from issuing repeat prescriptions.

Furthermore I have been repeatedly refused by staff to actually see in writing any of these rules. They refused to tell me the actual name or code of any handbook they legally have to exist.

They did say the centre is the only medical centre in Sheffield with this qualifying criteria. This seems to be a form of discrimination, actively refusing either a repeat prescription or the right to register.

Various laws cover this area, but to unequivocally refuse any other forms of ID is clear discrimination.

Something needs to be done here as the NHS constitution clearly states that patients have a definite right to register at this type of clinic.

Don’t forget that the GP clinic is the only privately- run NHS funded clinic in Sheffield and it is the only one with this rule.

This smacks of pre-screening, excluding those groups who are most likely not to have a passport or driving licence. At any other clinic a medical card is usually sufficient. But I was refused essential medication, the full prescription, and not allowed to see the rules governing this clinic’s practices.

MB, S5