Headstone dumped on little baby’s grave

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A BEREAVED mum has been left heartbroken after her three-month-old baby’s son’s grave was desecrated in a Sheffield cemetery.

Paula Wall, aged 42, visited her little boy Ricky Lee Hanson’s grave at City Road Cemetery to find an old gravestone had been dumped on the top of his final resting place and his cross pulled out of the ground.

Paula, from Netherthorpe, Sheffield, said: “When I went up to have a look, I found an old headstone had been placed on the top of his grave and the crucifix, which was standing at the head of the grave, had been taken out of the ground and laid on top.

“I was so upset and angry that I just broke down.

“How can anyone do such a thing? I’m fuming.I think it is absolutely disgusting and it shows no respect.”

Baby Ricky, who would have been 22 this year, died a cot death at the age of three months in 1989.

Paula had six more children but still misses Ricky, her first-born, and regularly visits his grave.

She said: “Since Ricky died, whatever we have placed on his grave has either been stolen or broken, and now this. Some people don’t have any respect, not even for the dead.”

Paula, who complained to the cemetery staff and is awaiting a response, added: “To me he’s still a baby and he always will be.”

Sue Nadin, bereavement services manager at the council, apologised for the distress caused.

She said: “It would appear that the headstone and kerbs that were laid on her son’s grave had been removed by stonemasons from adjacent graves to allow for interments to take place.

“We have contacted the funeral directors, who in turn will contact the stone masons responsible for placing the stones on the grave and we have asked that these be removed immediately.”