HEADLINE - Barnsley man honoured for life saving actions

Richard Chaburn getting presented with his award
Richard Chaburn getting presented with his award
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A Barnsley man who helped rescue a woman from a car which overturned in a crash has been honoured for his actions.

Richard Chadburn, from Hoyland, came across a crash scene in King Street in the town in April last year.

A car, being driven by a 76-year-old woman, had overturned and landed on its side, trapping the three occupants.

Mr Chadburn climbed into the back of the car while other members of the public who were passing by rushed to help to try to stabilise the vehicle.

Chief Superintendent Scott Green, who presented Mr Chadburn with a commendation, said: “Realising the woman was trapped in the car, Mr Chadburn stayed with her, talking to her and reassuring her.

“Not only did he offer emotional support, but he held her bodyweight for over 40 minutes to prevent further injuries to her, until emergency services arrived.

“He was able to relay vital information to ambulance staff and our officers about the victim’s injuries, which ultimately allowed police, fire and ambulance staff to release resources to other people who were also in need elsewhere.

“Mr Chadburn briefed police officers about the woman’s injuries, which allowed us to then brief the Air Ambulance staff who arrived soon afterwards. He stayed in the car until the woman was cut free from the vehicle by the fire service.
“Mr Chadburn showed exceptional compassion and he is thoroughly deserving of this commendation.

“Thanks to him, the woman didn’t receive further injuries from the collision and was taken to hospital, where she was checked over and subsequently treated.

“Every single member of staff from the emergency services who were at the scene offered their sincere thanks to Mr Chadburn and I am thrilled to be able to offer our thanks again with this commendation.

“Barnsley is incredibly lucky to have Mr Chadburn as a member of our community.”