'He had a heart of gold' - Dozens turn out for funeral of Sheffield stabbing victim Jarvin Blake

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On a bitterly cold morning, the sun broke through the clouds just as mourners gathered to pay their respects to a Sheffield dad-of-three who died after he was stabbed in the street in broad daylight.

Jarvin Blake, 22, was described as having a 'heart of gold' at a service, which hundreds of relatives and friends attended at City Road Cemetery on Monday.

The cortege makes its way into the cemetery.

The cortege makes its way into the cemetery.

Rev David Bussue told mourners how Jarvin would often invite homeless people from the streets of the city into his home and support them until they found accommodation and stability.

Rev Bussue said: "The truth is words are never enough and the tragic and pointless nature of Jarvin's death means that words sound even emptier and even more hollow.

"Some things in life just don't make sense. We shouldn't be here today, Jarvin should be here today. he should be here to support Kelsey with his three lovely children.

"When I spoke to the family and asked them to just tell me things about Jarvin, one of the first things they said to me was the best way to sum Jarvin up was that he had a heart of gold.

"Jarvin wasn't a saint - he was mischievous and he got himself into scrapes but the same person who did that would be the first to help. When many people would question if it's a good thing to give money to people who didn't have money in the street and were homeless, Jarvin would.

"Kelsey told me that she lost count of the number of people who he would bring home and help them until they were able to better handle this journey called life."

Jarvin was killed in a knife attack at the junction of Catherine Street and Brackley Street, Burngreave, on Thursday, March 8.

A group of men jumped out of a car and chased Jarvin, from Gleadless, before he was stabbed in his chest.

Rev Bussue said: "When I hear stories like that it saddens me that Jarvin's children, his family and indeed the community has lost this role model."

A friend Jarvin was with at the time of the stabbing was also attacked but survived.

He had three children all under the age of five and was engaged to long-term partner Kelsey Dixon.

Rev Bussue added: "Jarvin lived and he left a legacy in his children, he left a legacy in his family and he also left a legacy in the lives of the people who are here today, whose lives he touched in some way or another - it hurts.

"It hurts that he won't be around anymore for people to enjoy his company. It hurts that he won't be around any more for people to enjoy his cooking. It hurts that his big personality won't fill up the rooms he enters.

"It hurts that family and friends won't get to see the kindness he showed to others. It hurts that those he knew him loved him and won't get to see how the Jarvin at 22 would change as he reached 32 and 42 and 52 and the kind of granddad he would become."

At the end of the service, Rev Bussue invited Jarvin's friends and family to pay their own tribute to him.

One friend said: "Jarvin was just a positive person. When you were going through tougher times, he would always give good vibes.

"The circumstances of the death are just absolutely mad and it gets me angry. Looking at his kids as well, it's absolutely heartbreaking but Kelsey has been an absolute rock."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.