He deserves some justice

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Eye-witnesses claim young Matthew Cryer was battered by Greek bouncers, flung to his death and ultimately allowed to die in front of distressed revellers, and perhaps more importantly, callous killers – people who were paid to keep him safe.

You don’t have to be Columbo to conclude that Matt did not deserve to die in the way he did. The Sheffield Star has campaigned long and hard in the belief that someone was responsible for his untimely death.
The Star remains convinced that he was unlawfully killed. The Star is firmly in the corner of David Cryer and Joanne Froud. That will not alter.
What has to happen from this point on is that justice is done. It simply has to be.
No parent in modern society can put their hand on their heart and absolutely guarantee that their 17-year-old is not frequenting their town’s bars and clubs. It’s illegal, but it happens.
Fewer can claim to be able to cast the first stone, having never committed the self-same sin.
But it is not unreasonable to expect the men in black charged with ‘working the doors’ of such establishments – the very men who ultimately decide who can and can’t enter their establishments – to look after those therein.
If it is true that Matt was violently beaten; if it is true that the very people who should have kept he and others safe from harm stood idly by as his young life slipped away then there is nothing other than life imprisonment awaiting the perpetrators?
The Star will not rest until the snail-paced process comes to a conclusion. It goes without saying that anyone under the microscope deserves a fair trial. This newspaper would never seek to influence the outcome of due process.
Let those who are innocent continue about their business. But let it be known that those who are guilty of ending a life prematurely must be deprived of their life and their liberty.
by James Mitchinson