Have your say on cruel cuts

Have your say

DEALING with a £4.6m cut to council tax benefits is going to be one of the biggest challenges Sheffield faces.

Thousands of the most vulnerable people are likely to suffer as 30,000 city residents face losing anything from £200 upwards a year as part of the Government welfare shake-up.

The council must reduce tax benefit payments by 20 per cent for all working age claimants and will consult on what is the best way forward.

It is an unenviable task as council tax benefit is paid to people who have a low income. If it’s working age people bearing the brunt of this, it will have a huge impact.

We know that pensioners are protected and they deserve that protection, but sadly it means 20 per cent for everybody else.

No wonder our Labour council say this is unfair. Now we must all get involved in the consultation exercise. It’s easy to shrug your shoulders and say get on with it, but why not try and shape what happens?

It’s why we have a democracy.

We have a great tram system

WE have one of the best public transport systems in the country. Yes, it is true.

There will be plenty of people who will point to bus services that are being cut, fare systems that don’t transfer between private operators, and train fares that are too high.

But we have a train service that will get passengers to London in less than two hours within the next 12 months.

Bus services that are more regular than in other cities and buses that are comfortable and clean to ride in.

And in addition, we have a great tram system that is about to undergo a £58m expansion plan that will reach even further out of the city.

Yes there is plenty of room for improvement, but our trams are clean, regular and relatively cheap. We shouldn’t ignore the failings, but we should recognise the benefits.

Maximum Impact

CRITICS of the police are always quick to highlight what they see as a lack of action from our Boys In Blue.

So a high profile one-day police blitz on car crime is most welcome.

Operation Impact shows the police in direct action as dog units, firearms teams, roads policing crews, mounted units and the force helicopter got involved.

If this leads to prolific criminals being put behind bars, everyone will benefit.