Have you see missing Sheffield cat Barney?

Barney - he went missing due to a faulty cat carrier.
Barney - he went missing due to a faulty cat carrier.
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A Sheffield woman has issued a warning after her cat escaped from a pet carrier during a visit to the vet.

Sue Harrington, of Lodge Moor, took her cat Barney to Highfield vets on London Road for an operation on his jaw.

But following the operation Barney escaped as he was being carried back through the carpark.

Sue is blaming his escape on a faulty carrier and is warning other people to check their own.

She said: “Barney’s escape from his carrier was not the vet’s fault, they have been tremendous and I’d like to point that out.

“His escape is linked to an issue with the design of the cat carrier which is likely to affect other Star readers.

“The carrier I used is about five years old. The design has two small lugs which clip into the top half of the carrier.

“One of these lugs is about 1mm short allowing sufficient give in the frame of the carrier for the grille at the front to come away and Barney to escape.”

The design has been changed but Sue believes there may be other carriers bought before the redesign still being used and urged people to check theirs.

Sue said: “Barney has been advertised as ‘lost’ in The Star which has prompted a tremendous response with many ringing with information and possible sightings.

“We’ve had so many people contact us that we’re now asking for anyone who thinks they may have seen him to take a picture and send it to us to save us from coming out if it isn’t.

“I’m hopeful that, although he has a huge challenge ahead to attempt the journey of three plus miles home, he is street wise enough to make the journey.”

Barney is black and white, has three white legs and his left front leg is black. One of his front legs was shaven for the operation.

n If you think you’ve spotted Barney, please text a picture to Sue on 07785 113557 or Anne on 0793 9575690.