Have you forgotten all the achievements of Labour?

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I am sick of reading the letters attacking the record of the last Labour Government which keep appearing on these pages, but the last one from David Rowley, (The Star, December 15), has forced me to finally respond.

No Mr Rowley, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did not ‘inflict damage upon society’ and you have forgotten the achievements and the transformation they brought about to the lives of many millions of ordinary people in our country and city.

The Labour government brought in the minimum wage against massive opposition to bring many people out of abject poverty and brought up to modern standards all council housing with new investment.

Labour introduced the Surestart early years project helping all families with young children, particularly the poorest and single parents and greatly increased the Child Allowances .

They more than doubled the number of our young people attending university and further education.

Every school in our city was either rebuilt or received new investment.

Labour made a big investment in school sport and sport development, including winning the Olympics.

Labour invested in the NHS, removing waiting lists and improving GP practices.

Labour took on the tobacco companies and banned smoking in public places and introduced free bus travel for pensioners and the winter fuel allowance.

Labour saved thousands of people’s personal savings and investments when they bailed out the banks and while all this did lead to a worldwide recession ordinary people were protected and many economists argue that the current cuts are more to do with political dogma than economics.

If they had not got us involved in that stupid war the last Labour government would have gone down as one of the most successful in improving the quality of life of ordinary Sheffield people.

Coun Peter Price