Have you ever been stalked? Take the survey

Stalking Survery launch
Stalking Survery launch
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A stalking charity has urged people in South Yorkshire who’ve experienced stalking to take part in an anonymous survey.

Network for Surviving Stalking is setting up a database of people in the region who’ve experienced stalking, to improve its services and support for people who are being stalked.

“CPS figures released last week reveal that less than 1 per cent of stalking cases across the UK result in prosecution,” said Jane Harvey from Network for Surviving Stalking.

“That is not good enough. We want to find out exactly what’s going wrong, when and why it’s going wrong - and then we can start to put things right. The first step is listening to the experts - i.e. people who have been stalked.”

The survey features questions about how all UK police forces - including South Yorkshire Police - deal with cases where stalking victims are being repeatedly pestered, hassled, intimidated and frightened. Victims are being asked information including where they sought help, whether stalking was recognised, whether the suspect was charged with stalking or other offences instead and whether they feel they got justice.

“Stalking is a serious crime. It can ruin people’s lives, has a huge financial impact and has a devastating affect on the mental and physical health of victims,” added Ms Harvey.

“It can and does lead to violence too - we urge anyone who’s been affected to take part in this survey and help us to change things.”

Visit www.scaredofsomeone.org to take part.