Have you clocked the difference on Sheffield clock?

Cathedral Clock Face.Cathedral Clock Face  Missing a  panel
Cathedral Clock Face.Cathedral Clock Face Missing a panel
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THE eagle-eyed may have spotted there’s something missing at Sheffield Cathedral...

A perspex section of the cathedral clock, between the numerals one and two, has vanished in the past few days.

But foul play is not to blame.

The 35cm by 12cm piece has simply dropped out - because the clock is made up of panels held together by adhesive, which occasionally come apart.

And, because it requires two people to hold and repair the face, it will stay that way for a little while longer.

Canon Simon Cowling said: “The face consists of a number of separate blue perspex panels and they are held with adhesive. Every so often one of the panels will drop as the adhesive wears, leaving a gap.

“It takes two people to replace the panel, they have to go up into the tower and because of staff holidays the vergers will be doing a repair in the next fortnight.”