Have the planners gone mad?

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In my opinion, after living and driving in Sheffield for over 60 years, yes they are all totally mad.

In support of Matthew Smith’s comments in your item on Friday last, I am in total agreement with all his comments and observations.

The one over-riding comment that he made was an observation which I always maintain about the council here, that they have always had the philosophy that the ‘motor car’ is a ‘flight of fancy’ and is not here to stay.

And incidentally, as my father used to say “the corporation think cars will never catch on”.

The sooner this council wakes up to the 21st century the better.

How many times do we have to have the centre of town ‘revamped’ in the name of progress, when road planning, and traffic flow seem to be ignored in favour of cosmetic changes, instead of dealing with the nitty-gritty of parking and speeding up through routes?

The thing that really attracts shoppers and visitors is good clear signage, good, cheap parking and moving traffic. What good is fancy shops if you can’t get to them?

Come on you lot – think on, the horses have long gone!

Barry Gregory

by email