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Having just spent two weeks in Doncaster, I wonder if your readers might be interested in the impressions of myself and my wife?

I stress these are snapshots and impressions which may not be typical.

Starting with the positives, the opening up of the station, Frenchgate, the church, the new bridges over the Don, the development of the Racecourse, Cast Theatre, Keepmoat and Rugby club are all great additions.

However, what endures is the shabbiness of the town centre and its inhabitants. People in general look a bit scruffy and many do not smell too good when you have the misfortune to share a lift with them.

We were also astonished to see the tolerance of dogs and the open use of the streets as dog toilets.

Why are dogs allowed in shopping precincts and the market area? They have no purpose there. I even came across a dog in a pub.

There were some horrific sights to behold in public conveniences wherever these were found.

I’ll spare you the details but it seems obvious that some people do not know how to use them and leave them in a disgusting state. Where is the thought for the next user?

Litter was another notable negative. In spite of bins everywhere, there was always rubbish left around.

How can people just drop their junk on the ground? What happened to civic pride?

I got the impression that people are resigned to the way things are.

Many people I spoke to expressed a frustration and an anger but felt powerless to affect change and accepted that ‘they’, the small minority responsible for crime and antisocial behaviour, were somehow beyond correction.

To you good people of Doncaster, have a look at the history of Singapore.

David Miller

McCallum Crescent, Perth