Hate crime: push for more people to report race and homophobia hate in Sheffield

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Hate crime is set to be discussed at a Sheffield Council today in a bid for more people to report it.

Councillor Nikki Bond will tell the authority’s Full Council meeting that more should be done to help people report disability, race and homophobia crime - and that 536 race hate crimes were reported in South Yorkshire in 2013-14.

The motion she will table says: “The level of reporting of hate crime in Sheffield is not an accurate portrayal of the number of hate crime incidents. More needs to be done to help people to report, including better promotion and publicity of third party reporting centres, and an increased number of them.”

Coun Bond added: “Sheffield is a City of Sanctuary so it’s really important we do everything we can to make it a welcoming place without fear of prejudice or intimidation. I’ve brought this motion to build on the existing work to tackle hate crime in Sheffield, to look at ways of making it easier to report, and raise awareness of the damaging impact of hate crime.”

Coun Neale Gibson said: “I’ve been subject to homophobic hate crime all my life. People make comments they think are amusing but to me could be regarded as homophobic. It goes from comments like that to physical attacks. I know I’m not alone in my experience.”

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: “It is recognised locally and nationally that hate crime is under reported and encouraging reporting is a priority on our local plans.

“We continue to promote the message that South Yorkshire Police do not tolerate hate crime.”