Hast to be a creator

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If they want to teach creationism alongside Darwinism at the Netherthorpe school, I think this would be fair and the state should support it.

At least the children would get a balanced view of origins science as I assume Mr Granville from Sheffield Humanists only wants schools to teach evolution. That would be indoctrination.

As for Mr Granville saying creationism has no factual basis, life has to come from life. It’s a scientific law (biogenesis) therefore there has to be a creator.

A Bridgwater

Try New Zealand

New Zealand is a fab place. Clean and tidy. No litter-strewn streets or graffiti. Try it, Toby. You’ll love it!


Don’t do it next year

What sort of person, living in a luxury riverside apartment, decides to throw their Christmas tree into the Don on twelfth night?

Someone did it last year, and someone, probably the same person, has done it again this year. The evidence is there for all to see, grounded beside Borough Bridge.

If it was you, and you are reading this, please don’t do it again next year.

Paul Palmer, Hucklow Road, S5

Greedy governments

I SEE our rents are to increase, the excuse being that the Government wants council tenants to pay the same as housing association tenants.

If that’s the case, then why aren’t association rents lowered to the council’s levels? It doesn’t work like that, does it? It’s all about greedy governments making more out of the working class.

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