Hasn’t the war on cyclists been taken far enough?

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Hasn’t the ‘war on cyclists’ gone far enough?

During a debate on the introduction of fines for littering from cars, Tory peer, Lord James of Blackheath said London cyclists think they have a “superior law and authority” over drivers.

He also claimed cyclists who stop to take photographs of cars are “longing for” drivers to run them down. What does a Lord know about desperation and poverty?

When the 14th London cyclist was killed this year the host of a London radio station said: “Cyclists are getting their comeuppance”.

If a Muslim extremist had suggested that British soldiers killed in action were ‘getting their comeuppance’, David Cameron would surely have something to say.

What might he (and his Tory peers) have to say about more of our cyclists being killed in peacetime Britain, than our military personnel in war-torn Afghanistan?

While 12 years in Afghanistan has claimed 446 lives, more than 1,200 cyclists have lost theirs.

Clearly, some cyclists do ignore red lights and take risks, equally, so do many motorists and motorbikers, and van, lorry and bus drivers. And a great deal faster.

When our armed forces have finished in Afghanistan, maybe they could be employed securing safer roads – not least identifying and removing ‘bullies’ and ‘terrorists’ from them.

Allan Ramsay

by email