Has this Sheffield city centre pub installed a massive slide for drinkers?

It's the stuff that dreams are made of - a massive slide from the upstairs of a popular Sheffield pub making getting home just that bit more fun.

A massive slide outside Yates in Barker's Pool.
A massive slide outside Yates in Barker's Pool.

And for a moment, boozers in Sheffield thought their dream had come true - when a photo started circulating online showing the huge bumpy slide descending from an upstairs window at Yates and down into Barker's Pool.

Tipplers everywhere were probably getting ready to ditch their pints and jump aboard the slide after Twitter account Social Sheffield posted a photo of the fairground attraction with the message: "Yates's got an extension!"

Sadly, we'll have to spoil the fun.

It was just a carefully angled photo appearing to show the slide descending from the popular bar's upstairs drinking area.

The ride is actually just a free standing attraction aimed at introducing a touch of fun to riders of all ages in the city centre this summer.

Ah well, looks like everyone will have to keep dreaming for a bit just yet.