Has anything really changed?

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What a terrible tragedy we have just witnessed in Tunisia.

I suspect, just as is happening in Iraq, caused by the Blair and Bush lies and in Afghanistan through we British getting involved in these country’s I ask the question “has anything really changed?”

I would suggest that both country’s are now in a worse state than before our involvement.

Again, remember?

‘Posh’ Dave and Billy ‘the-hat’ Hague boasted about removing the Gadaffi regime in Libya and helped in the overthrow of the Tunisian government.

Hence we Europeans are now in danger in all of these Arab country’s due solely to our own government poking it’s nose in other peoples business.

Someone should remind ‘Posh’ Dave that colonialism is dead and buried and it is time we looked after our own here in the UK before ‘Posh’ Dave and his cahorts finish up with more blood on their hands.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74