Has anyone noticed the awful grass verges in Greenhill?

It's a total and utter disgrace.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 7:06 am
Grass verges

How do these clowns in the Labour party hold power? Why can’t they sort it out?

The grass everywhere is awful and needs sorting.

So anyone going to our solstice evening event at the transport ground on Saturday, June 23 at 5pm to 10pm, please note get to Meadowhead island and you will see a huge bonfire, flashing lights of a funfair and Steve Delaney, top musican and others blasting out music. That’s the only way we could do it to find us.

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Then enter the transport ground, Greenhill Main Road, S8 for free and see how grass should be kept.

Come on SCC, sort out these contractors. Cutting grass is not rocket science, is it? Or rent this mess out to a few goat farmers.

S Rich

Greenhill/Bradway tara

Only one winner here

What a disastrous announcement from the Ministry of Transport. So a new addition to your MOT test from now on will mean that if your engine warning light is on, your car will fail, but it’s all because the ministry wants us all to feel safe in our cars and keep the emissions low, said a ministry spokesman.

What a load of twaddle.

The warning light on your car is normally associated with the emissions. Well my engine warning light has been on for the last two tests and it passed the emissions test.

I tried to have it fixed, even though it was legal to drive but after spending over £150 on two sensors and another £50 on a front exhaust pipe, the warning light is still on.

Now I hazard a guess that there are more people who drive second hand cars in Sheffield than brand new ones. People need to drive and will only drive what they can afford.

There will be thousands of cars on the road that are perfectly legal but have this dreaded warning light on their dashboard. Now with this new law it is going to devastate lots of people, me included, because in a lot of cases it is going to cost a car owner two or three hundred pounds to get it fixed and in most cases some cars will simply not be worth that kind of money spending on them.

So the Ministry of Transport are not really thinking about our safety at all.

There’s only one winner here and that will be the breakers yards.

Ted Fowler

Shiregreen, S5

Insulting our intelligence

I notice that Whirlowdale Road and Abbey Lane have now been resurfaced. What a bit of luck that not one single tree was diseased, had dangerous roots or was spoiling the line of kerb stones!

Of course I am being sarcastic, Amey and the council really do insult our intelligence. They know they would NEVER have won the battle here had they tried to chop any of Ecclesall Woods down.

So only cut down the ones that suit on the false pretext they always trot out.

Gary Speck

Dobcroft Avenue, Millhouses

Total and utter disgrace

Bowel screening

Reading Nik Farah’s report about bowel screening in The Star on Wednesday, I was surprised to read that all patients registered with a GP are automatically sent an invite for a camera examination at the age of 55.

I am 63 and have never received one. I have had the stool sample tests which you receive every two years.

I am interested to know if other readers have had them?

Carol Seymour

Stockbridge, S36

Take dictator to task

From trading insults to shaking hands the Donald and Kim finally meet.

World peace will be achieved, yes that’s great, but when will this dictator be taken to task about the labour camps and brutal regime in North Korea?

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

When we leave the EU

Congratulations Mike Dodgson for your excellent letter, “When democracy and trust mattered”, Star, June 8, 2018. All Brexiteers should applaud you for the content and sentiments expressed in your letter.

The people of our nation, the Commonwealth and allied countries fought, and many made the ultimate sacrifice, for our freedom from occupation and being able to retain our identity, traditions and national sovereignty.

Winston Churchill led the nation in the fight and victory against Hitler in 1945.

He successfully did so in the face of pro-German appeasers within the UK government and establishment .

Step forward to today and we have a different type of “battle” taking place – not with armed conflict between nations but a “war” between the UK and 27 member States in the European Union. A verbal and legal “war” for our freedom from the shackles of being a leading economic and financial contributor to their organisation – with considerably less in financial return, together with the constraints they impose upon us. The right to control UK immigration and our borders, the right to trade with the free world – by leaving the single market we can still trade with our European neighbours as they can with us if they wish to do so.

What Hitler failed to do to this country, the House of Lords, some Members of Parliament, the treasury, establishment and some banking and business leaders are trying their hardest to achieve.

They are placing every obstacle in the way of Brexit and in bringing this country down by remaining tied to the EU in defiance of the wishes of a majority Leave electorate in the national referendum.

Members of the unelected House of Lords are beholden to the EU for their pensions and perks of being ex-MEPs and Commissioners, others have pro-EU business interests.

They all have a vested interest in opposing Brexit, feathering their own nests, and arguably acting in a yesteryear regarded treasonable manner in opposing the Government and will of the people.

As a reward for their “treachery” they pocket £300 per day just for signing in!

Let Brexit prevail and the antiquated House of Lords be culled or abolished, so that we can gain another victory in March 2019 when we leave the EU.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5