Harry’s just wild about top park

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Relaxing alone in Morrisons cafe last Friday morning with a latte, a couple of shortbread biscuits and The Star (all the company I really needed).

I began to read the paper’s terrific feature about Yorkshire’s No 1 visitor attraction – The Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) at Doncaster (aka Donny)!

No 1 in Yorkshire, who’da thought it, eh?

I’d visited just a couple of days before and had really enjoyed my day.

Unfortunately, I was then joined by an uninvited husband and wife couple – an unwelcome intrusion – who not only saw the article but began to comment on it.

Although from the very same over-the-hill, one foot-in-the grave outfit as me, it turned out that not only had they never been, never heard of the YWP but didn’t even how how to get there.

Look, for us owd ’uns the bus fares in Sheffield and Donny are buckshee as is the train fare so, as far as I’m concerned, the £10.99 entrance fee is a steal.

Even to this cynical, anti-social tight as-a-duck’s ass Yorkshireman the YWP is great entertainment, excellent value for money and a thought-provoking, not-to-be missed educational experience.

Actually it’s great fun an’ all. No wonder it’s been voted Yorkshire’s Most Magnificent attraction.

Mind you, I did have one rather embarrassing encounter with a female ranger who firmly told me, “please put the meerkat back, sir. Visitors aren’t allowed to take the animals home!”

Damn! I must be getting slow in me old age and the little devil took ages to catch.

Harry Dakin, Sheffield S6