Harry Brearley, inventor of stainless steel

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I was recently at Midland Station for the unveiling of a Rotary Club of Sheffield plaque to the memory of Harry Brearley. In the centenary year of his invention of stainless steel it was fitting that the Master Cutler, Neil McDonald, performed this.

Two features struck me as I walked from the station to the city centre. Why has the old car park to the left of the station been left derelict?

If an office block plan has fallen through then why not utilise this as a temporary car park?

The painting of Harry Brearley on the back of the Howard Hotel is superb but why doesn’t it say who he is and why Sheffield is honouring him this year.

Many Sheffielders don’t recognise this, so what chance do foreigners have of knowing? Harry’s name plus Inventor of Stainless Steel, 1913 would suffice.

Robert Jackson

Sheffield 17