HARLEQUIN INVASION: Smelly STD-riddled ladybirds from Asia are COMING

Stinky, STD-plagued ladybirds from Asia could be flying to your house right now, experts have warned.
A Harlequin ladybird.A Harlequin ladybird.
A Harlequin ladybird.

The Harlequin bugs are infected with the Laboulbeniales sexually-transmitted disease and can give off a nasty chemical smell.

Flying with black wings instead of red ones, the ladybirds are seeking warmth in UK properties as winter looms.

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Rory Dimond, ecological contractor for nature charity Buglife, said: "The Harlequin ladybirds are an invasive species from Asia.

"They particularly like houses and outbuildings and have a habit of gathering together in suitable areas.

"The ladybirds pose no danger to humans - but large gatherings can give off a chemical smell and in centrally-heated houses they may be woken up from hibernation by the warmth and fly around the house.

"Although it is not a native species, they are now so abundant that killing them will have next to no impact and we do note advocate spraying them with pesticides.

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"It is best to remove the ladybirds humanely if you can using a glass and card."

Swarms of the ladybirds were first spotted in Plymouth this week. Residents recorded strange scenes of large numbers of the bugs climbing over windows, furniture and even statues in a cemetery.