Harder punishment for Sheffield litter louts

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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That’s the reaction of readers to The Star’s front page

LOUTS who drop rubbish in Sheffield should be hit with harsher punishments - that’s the verdict of readers after The Star revealed the city is the worst in the county for dog fouling and littering.

On-the-spot fines, community service, public embarrassment and more education have all been suggested by fans of The Star on Facebook as measures to curb littering.

Russell Cutts said: “The only positive way is to make them clean the streets wearing a vest saying, ‘I’m a Litterbug’.

“I have noticed litter has increased considerably recently, but it is also up to us the public to show people up when we see them dropping litter by telling them off so everyone around can hear.”

Just 87 fixed penalty fines, 13 prosecutions for littering, and four fixed penalty fines for dog fouling were issued in Sheffield. during 2010/11.

Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chesterfield councils all took far more action.

Elizabeth Frampton suggested ‘educational programmes in schools, and more litter patrol officers, especially in shopping areas and at bus stops’ were needed.

Hayley Newbert said dog mess was a ‘nightmare’ in Handsworth - and there was no council bin for disposal.

She added: “I think the council needs to do more - or let’s all bag it up and take it to them to dispose of.”

Chantelle Enright said: “Beighton is one of the worst areas for dog mess. Myself and my children walk to school and it is like a assault course. With litter, little kids don’t know any better and parents are letting them.

“My children are far from angels and my little boy is in a phase at the moment of throwing litter on the ground.

“But I stop and make him pick it up and put it in his pocket until we get to the next bin.”

Many park groups also said more needs to be done.

Ann Le Sage, chair of the Friends of Porter Valley, said: “There is a minority of anti-social park visitors who make a mess for every other visitor to discover in a very disagreeable way.”