Happy with our Mayor

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So the leader of the Labour Party in Doncaster, Sandra Holland, has put forward a motion to hold a referendum, on the future of the elected mayoral system.

Ms Holland goes on to tell us that such a referendum would cost £150,000.

But don’t panic.

The Labour Party of Doncaster, will, in all their wisdom, use £125,000 from a ‘council underspend’.

Co we take it, this money is cash that was collected from the council tax payers of Doncaster?

Well if it is, Ms Holland, what gives you and your councillor colleagues the right to assume that the public would want you to spend their cash in this way?

How different it is now that Labour don’t have the whip hand and the power of their own elected mayor.

The only trouble Ms Holland and her colleagues face is that the residents of Doncaster remember their elected mayor, Martin Winter, and the reason Doncaster was forced into having an elected mayor in the first place.

Does Ms Holland remember Donnygate? May I suggest she and the rest of the 63 councillors dip into their own bank accounts if they want a referendum, or why not hold a referendum to see if we need their proposed referendum at all. Wake up and take a look around you, Ms Holland and co. See the state of our once great Britain. The ‘great’ has gone. And no wonder with politicians of Labour’s calibre willing to squander residents’ hard earned cash on a system their party once endorsed.

I believe elected Mayor Peter Davies is doing a good job or could it be he is doing too good a job for the Labour Party?

Hatfield Town Coun Mick Glynn