Hanged man’s bisexual fear

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A lovelorn carer was found hanging days after revealing he suspected his female partner was bisexual.

Anthony Wilkinson, 33, was found at home suspended from a bannister by his partner and mother-of-two Donna Parker, an inquest heard.

Just two months later Miss Parker, in her late twenties, announced on Facebook that she had entered into a civil partnership with another woman.

The Rotherham hearing was told that on the evening before his death, Mr Wilkinson was seen arguing with Miss Parker although she denies this.

She also told the inquest the couple had been due to marry in June this year.

Anthony’s body was found at his home in Herringthorpe, Rotherham on September 11 last year. He was a full-time carer for his parents.

Donna Parker told the hearing she had told Anthony she was bisexual but had not planned any civil ceremony with a woman.

She said: “I wouldn’t have done that to Anthony. I wasn’t with anybody at that time and had no plans to enter a civil partnership.”

She said she had known Mr Wilkinson about a year and moved in with him but after a big argument about his drinking they split up a fortnight before his death.

They had talked about a reconciliation and met up in a pub. “When he left he was fine. He said he loved me and would see me in the morning,” she said.

Claire Roddis, a friend of Anthony’s, said a pal told her the couple had argued in the same pub on the evening before his death but Miss Parker told the inquest the couple parted on good terms and the public row was the week before.

When Mr Wilkinson could not be contacted she said she went round to his house with a friend and found him hanging.

She told the coroner Nicola Mundy she did not know any reason why he should apparently end his life. She denied telling Anthony their relationship was coming to an end.

In a letter to the coroner, Anthony’s dad Tony said his son had questioned the sexual orientation of his partner.

Mrs Mangham told the inquest her brother was upset because Miss Parker had got the keys to a new house without telling him.

“He just felt like she was messing him about,” she said. “

Mr Wilkinson’s father said in a statement read out: “He was a free spirit and treated everybody as an equal. He was the carer for me and my wife. He was our hero,”

He also said: “My son told me: “I feel as though I’m being bounced about like a puppet on a string.”

Pathologist Dr Ali Hussain told the hearing Anthony Wilkinson had three times the drink-drive limit of alcohol in his system which would have had a significant effect on his functions.

He gave the cause of death as hanging.

The coroner adjourned the inquest for the police to make further investigations.