Hang up on scammers

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THEY appeared to have gone quiet after a rash of incidents last year, but the computer scammers haven’t gone away, it seems.

Anne Jones of High Storrs answered the phone to an Asian-sounding man claiming to be from ‘Windows Online Support’ calling about her laptop.

A not-so-wild guess which proved correct, for Anne does indeed have one. But she didn’t let on.

She said: “I simply told him I didn’t have a computer and he didn’t know what to say. It can’t have been covered in his script and he rang off.”

Last year several Action Desk readers received calls from scammers claiming to be from Windows calling about computer problems.

They instructed victims to input certain commands which brought up information which apparently showed viruses on board.

People were fooled into handing control of their machine to the caller who asked for payment for wiping it clean. They also installed software that sent them user information.

Windows never calls users. Hang up if you get a call.