Haircut is alright by us

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What disgraceful behaviour by head mistress Helen Richardson to dictate what hair style should be adopted by Corbin Castledine and how disappointing The Star should voice its support.

It is not as though his appearance is outlandish or even unusual, though even if it is, how would this effect his education? This poor lad has attended school for two years with this style and he looks very smart.

He’s apparently been a model pupil, but for how long? It will not be his fault if he now loses respect for officialdom and learns instead that if you are in a position to bully people into submission it is OK to do so.

Corbin’s mum refuses to compromise, but what compromise did the school offer? And why should a young person or his mum have to compromise on such a personal matter? Pupils and parents don’t get a vote on teachers’ mode of dress, and rightly so. The teachers are there to teach, not express personal preferences about appearance.

Perhaps this is the time of year to remind ourselves that millions have died to keep this country free from fascism and dictatorship.


What is wrong with this child’s hair? He looks smart, clean and well groomed. I thought we had a free choice. It is like National Service when men had to have their hair cut in regimental ways. What is the school thinking? Educating children or making examples of them?

Mary Edley

HELEN Richardson says she asked his mum to sort it out but there is nothing wrong with the haircut. She is singling out a child and he’s having to miss out on his friends. To me it is a form of bullying. If he was my child I would boycott the school, organise a petition and take it to the education department. Would Mrs Richardson like it if it was done to her child? She has taken it too far, it isn’t something that is bad. I have seen worse.

Miriam Beresford